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H系列自 动加压滑动水口节流机构为框架 式弹性压紧结构的机构,底座、支架、滑动小 车及液压驱动四大部分。其中底座、支架是固定部分;滑动小车是活动部分,上水口砖、上滑板 砖固定在底座内不动;下滑板砖、下水口 砖固定在滑动小车内,配合液压系统,使滑动 小车在支架内往复滑动,从而实 现对钢水的节流,该类型机构结构简单、操作方便,是目前 国内钢铁企业在炼钢控流技术上比较认可的机构类型。

Type H Automatic Pressure-loading Slide Gate System for steel ladle is a frame type mechanism with elastic tensioning structure and consisting of four parts, namely, base, stand, sliding car and hydraulic driving system, among which base and stand are stationary part, and sliding car is moving part. Upper nozzle and plate are fixed within the base without moving; lower plate and nozzle are fit within the sliding car, driven by hydraulic system and with its reciprocating motion in the stand, flow control over molten steel is realized. Featured with simple framework and easy operation, such sliding system is well accepted by domestic steel plants in terms of flow control technology.

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